Saturday, September 29, 2018  |  Door 7pm

Arts N' Crafts & Experimental Showcase

Arts N’ Crafts & Experimental Showcase Return!

Presa House has teamed up with Apogee Presents from San Marcos, TX for the return of ARTS N’ CRAFTS! This months lineup includes Youngsville (SMTX), Water On Mars Band (SMTX), MOON DUNES (SMTX), and Rusty Dusty (SMTX).

We will also be hosting another installment of the popular “Experimental Showcase,” featuring Marco y Antonio (SATX), Noise of Approval (ATX), Mt. Borracho (ATX), and Sensitive Boys (SATX). Special Thanks to Marco Botello & Alyssa Lester for their work on bringing this lineup together.

This event is FREE & Open to the public and sponsored in part by Big Bend Brewing Co.

Arts n’ Crafts (Outdoor Lineup)

Youngsville (SMTX)
Water On Mars Band (SMTX)
Rusty Dusty (SMTX)

Apogee Presents is a turnkey booking, logistics, and brand management company designed to boost growth by evaluating our client’s image and the overall market. We drive reportable metrics using our understanding of current market trends, sustainable growth, and long-term goal planning.

Experimental Showcase (Indoor Lineup)

Marco y Antonio (SATX)
Noise of Approval (ATX)
Mt. Borracho (ATX)
Sensitive Boys (SATX)