Thursday, May 10, 2018  |  8 – 11 pm

Poetaco Showdown II: Otra Orden

Photos by Jenelle Esparza / Design by Rigoberto Luna

Poetaco Showdown II: Otra Orden

It was May 18, 2017, when an upstart poet stepped to the stage of Presa House Gallery and snatched the title of POETACO King. Eddie “The Taco Poet” Vega defeated 3-time San Antonio Grand Slam Poetry Champion Anthony “the Poet” Flores that night, and a popular call for a rematch was sounded that same evening. Like Ali and Frasier, Coke and Pepsi, and the Spurs and Lakers, a new rivalry was born from the poetic blood spilled on that fateful day, and as the saying goes: “Victory is sweet, but revenge is sweeter.”

POETACO SHOWDOWN II: Otra Orden promises to pack a serious verbal punch with a head-to-head battle for all the frijoles! Come out to Presa House Gallery with your host Chibbi Orduña on Thursday May 10th for Tacos, music, beer, and poetry con huevos!!!

Sponsored in part by Big Bend Brewing Company