Saturday, February 22, 2020  |  7 – 11 pm

Powdered Wig Machine

Dunkin’ Doggo Premiere Party

Powdered Wig Machine is back!! In their newest episode, they’ll be traveling back to the year 1997, wherein a dog became famous and made a lot of money very quickly after the success of his small town basketball blockbuster smash hit, Dunkin Doggo. However, while filming the sequel film Gridiron Growler, the dog got into some seedy activities as fame went straight to his head, and his ego ballooned. This episode will also feature an interview with members of Dynamic Tension – A Rocky Horror shadow cast. For this event, we ask that you wear masquerade masks/half masks to celebrate and view our newest episode. No full masks, please. We will have a small selection on hand to give out.

WARNING: There are flashing lights in parts of this episode that have the potential to trigger seizures for people who have photosensitive epilepsy!

In addition to projecting their newest episode at the top of the night, They will also be screening an array of experimental short films from filmmakers/artists who hail from all over San Antonio!

  • Chelsea Von Peacock
  • eevvvv
  • Justo Cisneros
  • Kayla Whittaker
  • Madelynn Mesa
  • Tivawatchtower
  • Vestij
  • Black Sheep
About Powdered Wig Machine

For those not in the know or for those who are merely killing time, PWM is a San Antonio/San Marcos web series wherein people of the same occupation/hobby enter the subconscious of its host for an interview. What’s real and what’s not and what was always truly never real get thrown into a blender. Powdered Wig Machine is that cosmic purée. Watch and subscribe to us on youtube!