Artist doesn’t let coronavirus keep her from showing her work

Fox 29 San Antonio / David Norris

This art exhibit pulls no punches. Created by San Antonio artist Gabi Magaly.

Yo no nici para aguantar a nadie,” which translates into I wasn’t born to put up with anybody,” said Magaly.

It’s her way of pushing back against a slice of Mexican culture.

“Growing up, I always heard aguantate, which means put up with it,” said Magaly.

It’s her life statement.

“That I wasn’t born to put up with anybody,” said Magaly.

It’s the result of years of dedication and hard work. Her thesis. A final project before graduating UTSA with a masters.

The big show was going to be here at Presa House.

“And then the crisis hit,” she said.

As in the coronavirus.

With social distancing and public gatherings on hold, so was her exhibit.

Or so it would appear.

Remember, this girl don’t put up with anything.

“We knew there was a way we could put together an exhibition,” said Rigo Luna with the Presa House.

Luna and his team went to work.

“We got a fancy camera, we got people with know how, and we just made it happen,” he said.

The result, a virtual online exhibit.

You can take a tour anytime you want, and see anything you want.

“I think this virtual tour is amazing,” said Magaly.

It’s the good news, found in a world of bad.

“This virtual tour has spread. And more people, versus it just being local, more people are seeing it,” she said.

“I think what we do here is important to San Antonio,” said Rigo. “So if we can get it out there so people can see it, not just here but all over Texas, all over the United States, then that’s what we’re here to do.”