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Indie Lens Pop-Up: Move Me

Move Me, 2022 (60 min)Filmmakers: Kelsey Peterson (Director, Producer) and…

Move Me, 2022 (60 min)
Filmmakers: Kelsey Peterson (Director, Producer) and Daniel Klein (Co-Director, Producer)

Beneath the waters of Lake Superior, off the shore of Wisconsin, Kelsey Peterson underwent a transformation. On the eve of Independence Day 2012, she dove in and hit the lake bottom headfirst, suffering a life-altering spinal cord injury that takes away both function and sensation from the chest down, essentially robbing Kelsey of her self-identities as an athlete and dancer. Alongside peers and allies in the spinal cord injury community, she seeks to answer the question “Who am I now?” As she grapples with the ebb and flow of hope and acceptance, Kelsey talks to researchers and meets with people who belong to this community and who help give her the strength and the will to return to dance. When a cutting-edge clinical trial surfaces, it tests her expectations and her faith in the possibility of a cure, forcing her to evaluate the limits of her recovery—in body and spirit.

About the Filmmakers

Kelsey Peterson is a dancer, writer, and filmmaker. She currently serves as co-director with the interabled music and dance production, A Cripple’s Dance. As a filmmaker, she finds that her choreographic background lends to her storytelling, which she leans on in her documentary film, Move Me. She enjoys using art as a vehicle for change.

Daniel Klein is the founder of award-winning documentary series and production company, The Perennial Plate. He’s made doc shorts, tv series, and branded content around the world. Along with his wife, co-producer Mirra Fine, Daniel has created over 170 short films including the Emmy-nominated PBS series The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast.

Summer Dream, 2020 (13 min)
Filmmaker: Luan Dias (Brazil) 

Gabriel is a young ballet dancer who wants to earn his father’s respect and admiration. To achieve this, he will need the power of dance and the magic of dreams.

About the Filmmaker

Luan Dias grew up in Santa Cruz, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of 23 after quitting medical school to follow his dream of being a film director, he started studying at AIC – Academia Internacional de Cinema do Rio de Janeiro (IFA – International Film Academy of Rio de Janeiro). After working as a crew member on several shorts in film school he made Summer Dream, his directorial debut. In 2021 he is moving to Paris to continue his BFA at EICAR (The International Film & Television School). He believes that every day we see little dramatic atoms passing through us. They are lives, stories, sensations and places. They are the raw material of a film. Giving them importance is what makes someone a film director.

About Indie Lens Pop-Up

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