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Past Exhibition: February 1, 2019 — February 23, 2019 INTERSECTIONS…

Past Exhibition: February 1, 2019 — February 23, 2019


Karen Navarro I Am Different
Karen Navarro

With a rapidly growing demographic, the role women of color play in shaping our communities has become more evident and continues to increase significantly. The national focus on debates over women’s rights, reproductive health, and the wage gap have only supported the importance of the tremendous strides women of color have made in higher education, entrepreneurship, and political leadership, with a record number of women seeking and winning political office in 2018. Coinciding with the Me Too Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the growing opposition of the Trump administration and his border policies, now more than ever, the voices of women of color are critical to shaping lives today and generations to come.

Intersections celebrates women of color through a diverse collection of 22 artists and their stories from various experiences and perspectives. In addition to highlighting artists from San Antonio, the exhibition aims to explore spaces across Texas and the narratives of women of color from the region. Presa House has reached out to a selection of curators from Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Laredo, TX, to create space and a platform for these artists.

Bernice Appelin-Williams Wish List
Bernice Appelin Williams

Curated by:
Mayra Zamora & Sandra Gonzalez (CCTX & LTX)
Jonathan Paul Jackson (HTX)
Coka Trevino  (The Projecto, ATX)
Jenelle Esparza & Rigoberto Luna (Presa House Gallery, SATX)

Exhibiting Artists:
San Antonio, Texas: Lisette Chavez, Gabi Magaly, Angelica Raquel, Bernice Appelin-Williams, Naomi Wanjiku
Austin, Texas: Jieun Beth Kim, Lys Santamaria, Rehab El Sadek, Betelhem Makonnen, Aimée Everett
Houston, Texas: Theresa Escobedo, Ryan Francisco, Karen Navarro, Lovie Olivia, Darcy Rosenberger
Corpus Christi, Texas: Amorette V. Garza, Brianna Possom Resendez, Mayra Zamora, Monica Marie Garcia, Sandra Gonzalez
Laredo, Texas: Eva Soliz, Viky Garcia