Opening Reception: June 8, 2024

Marco Sánchez: Miscelánea Fronteriza

Upcoming Exhibition

Unseen and Unspoken: Reflections on Remembering and Forgetting.

By Mia Lopez
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Opening Reception: July 13, 2024

Millicent Alvarado: Behind Four Eyes, Behind Four Walls


Marco Sánchez: Miscelánea Fronteriza

Strangely Familiar \ Half God

Antonio Serna: Moving Forward Together

Sam Rawls: Latent Blatant

Alexandria Canchola: Yours to Keep

…the river


Unseen and Unspoken: Reflections on Remembering and Forgetting

By Mia Lopez | @miamia07 What do we try to remember, and what do we long to forget? Two recent exhibitions at Presa House explore the ability of art and art making to aid both artist and audience through the process of recollection. Lauri Garcia Jones: Strangely Familiar and Albert…

Tokens to Truths: Antonio Serna’s Archive of Indigenous Resistance.

By Joaquin Culbert | @joaquin.culbert A chronicler who recites events without distinguishing between major and minor ones acts in accordance with the following truth: nothing that has ever happened should be regarded as lost for history. Walter Benjamin, On the Concept of History, 1940 “Nothing that has ever happened should be…

Connecting the Dots: Sam Rawls’s ‘Latent Blatant’ and the Art of Healing Ourselves

By Bonnie Ilza Cisneros | @despeinadastyles There is no savormore sweet, more saltThan to be glad to bewhat, woman.and who, myselfI am. Denise Levertov Women’s bodies are calibrated, critiqued, confined, condemned, controlled, and when deemed conventionally beautiful, coveted and commodified. Smallness, sexiness, youth, traits of whiteness, and cosmetic enhancements are…