Rigoberto A. González, Donald Jerry Lyles, Jr., Gina Gwen Palacios

South of the Checkpoint/North of the River

Ben Muñoz: Rattled Bones

All Fur

Jenelle Esparza: Old Souls

John Guzman

John Guzman: I Would Have Killed to Seen It

Josie Del Castillo: Self-Concepts

Chad Rea: #TheGunShow

Jaylen Pigford: See What I See

Like a Girl \ Past Tense

Jonathan Paul Jackson: A Reminder to Breathe

andie flores: but always near poets

Ashley Perez: Prey For Us

Charlie Kitchen: On the Mountain at Dawn

Gil Rocha: The Things We Carry

Alex Macias: Hidden in Plain Sight

Omar González: Homebound

Gabi Magay MFA Thesis Exhibition

Gabi Magaly: Yo No Nací Para Aguantar A Nadie

Transition: Line and Color / The Last Stop: Nightscape Series

Four Rooms

Adrian Armstrong

Adrian Armstrong: High’s and Lo-Fi’s

En Honor \ First Person

Jorge Alegría

Jorge Alegría: 29.4134° N, 98.4882° W

Usless Systems

Naín León

Naín León: Between Reality and Fiction

Behind Our Walls \ Casa de Cambio

Steve Parker: War Tuba Recital

Invisible Fires

A Common Vision: Celebrating 30 Years of NALAC

Anthony Rundblade: Nearer Midnight

Jose Villalobos: Cicatrices



Remember Me: Tribute to Manny Castillo

Remember Me



Different Skin

Under Pressure \ Labor of Love

Traces \ Cultura

No Tiene Chiste \ General Malaise and Morality Plays

Through Rose Colored Glasses \ Stems \ WE THANUSINESS

Plucked \ Sisyphus

John Dalton Atkins: Down Home

Cande Aguilar: BarrioPOP

K Space in the House

Our Turn III: 58″ on Center

Joan Frederick: Me and My Big Ideas

Trust \ Aqui No Mas \ Things I Draw at Night


Ángel Lartigue: La Ciencia Avanza Pero Yo No

Jimmy James Canales: Para Chrome

Road Trip \ Chimeric Daydreams & Aperol Sun

Don’t Be My Judas \ The Price of Free Dumb

Ojos Hacia El Futuro/ Eyes To The Future

Growing, Growing, Gone \ Pure Energy

IV ART SPACE Retrospective (1998 – 2002)

jason eric gonzales martinez: Nepantlera

Discolored, Misshapen, Broken \ Un Rinconcito \ Vestiges

Hate Less \ Elegy \ Seven Scenes

Rolando Briseño: Sex, Race, Science


November Spawned a Moz Show

Life After Halloween \ Cubiculum \ Fade Away