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Millicent Alvarado: Behind Four Eyes, Behind Four Walls

Current Exhibition: July 13, 2024 — August 17, 2024 Behind…

Current Exhibition: July 13, 2024 — August 17, 2024

Behind Four Eyes, Behind Four Walls features new artworks, including intricate paper and felt 3D sculptures and an immersive installation. Alvarado’s art draws inspiration from her encounters and personal experiences, often reflecting themes of sadness through cryptic and indistinguishable representations.

Alvarado’s work is rich with symbolism and deep emotions. She uses meticulous and repetitious paper and felt sculpting to navigate her thoughts and feelings, which is both meditative and therapeutic for her. Many of her works carry deep personal meanings, while others remain playful. Alvarado describes her process as “thinking in color,” infusing her work with a vibrant, fairytale-like quality. This collection offers viewers a glimpse into her deeply personal yet colorful world.

About Bio

Millicent Alvarado (b. 2000) is a sculptor based in Corpus Christi, TX, known for her vibrant work in paper and felt. A self-taught artist, her creative journey began with a childhood fascination with origami, which evolved into her distinctive style of paper sculpting. Now a full-time artist, Alvarado dedicates herself to crafting 3-D sculptural experiences and immersive installations, drawing inspiration from the mundane, and transforming everyday objects into living narratives. Her work seamlessly blends a vivid imagination with meticulous precision to reflect on personal experiences and worldviews. Influenced by the psychedelic poster art and vintage fashion of the 60s and 70s, her creations feature a kaleidoscope of colors and bold shapes, offering enigmatic windows into her inner thoughts. Despite the often melancholic themes, her introspective yet colorful works create a striking contrast that invites viewers to form their own interpretations.

In 2021, Alvarado exhibited at the Art Center of Corpus Christi alongside her sister, artist Franceska Alvarado. In 2024, Alvarado had her first solo exhibition at Presa House Gallery in San Antonio, TX. Earlier that year, Alvarado was announced as one of over 40 Texas-based collaborating artists for Meow Wolf’s newest location in Houston, TX.