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Naín León: Between Reality and Fiction

Past Exhibition: September 6, 2019 — September 27, 2019 Naín…

Past Exhibition: September 6, 2019 — September 27, 2019

Naín León: Between Reality and Fiction

The exhibit is a unique visual experience that will make you think about technology, human relationships and the dream world.

Naín León (b. 1980) is digital artist and freelance commercial photographer born and raised in Mexico City. In 2010 León received his degree in multimedia and photography from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). León arrived in San Antonio, TX in 2013 after spending time living in Montreal, CA, and Puerta Vallarta, MX. Through the use of studio and natural landscape photography León manipulates multiple photographs to create highly conceptual and surrealist works. Inspired by photographers Joel-Peter Witkin, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, León combines natural and artificial lighting, studio models, props, and Photoshop to comment on social and environmental issues that pose both a current and future global threat. León has exhibited his work in the United States, Mexico and Canada. In addition to his studio work León is a successful commerical photographer and has been featured in magazines and websites around the world including FARENHEIT Magazine (MX); GET Inspired (NL), VOGUE (ITL), Mystica Magazine (AUS), select clients include The Discovery Channel, 500px, and Shutterstock.