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Jaylen Pigford: Apt. A104

Past Exhibition: July 8, 2023 – August 19, 2023 Apt.…

Past Exhibition: July 8, 2023 – August 19, 2023

Apt. A104 represents Pigford’s childhood home, where he grew from a young boy in 1st grade to a high school teenager, ultimately shaping him into the person he is today. He attempts to capture a moment through twelve recent paintings of personal and family moments, deaths, stress, dreams, and his surroundings at Castle Manor Apartments in Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi, Texas. Despite being a shy kid who lacked confidence, Pigford was comfortable with close friends, which would sometimes get them into trouble. Raised by a hardworking single mother with his older brother and sister, Pigford witnessed the ups and downs of life in A104. Despite the difficulties, he fondly reflects on his formative years through a loving and complex lens.


Jaylen Pigford (B. 1996) is an Afro-Latino painter born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, based in Houston, Texas. Pigford is a self-taught artist who has honed his craft since childhood. His work fuses vibrant colors and symbolic imagery to explore the balance between light and dark. His paintings are deeply personal, reflecting his experiences of adversity and growth. Through his uplifting art, Pigford reminds us there is always hope, even in the toughest times. We all face challenges and setbacks, but how we respond to them defines us.