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Fostering Toby

Past Exhibition: May 7, 2022 – May 28, 2022 Fostering…

Past Exhibition: May 7, 2022 – May 28, 2022

Fostering Toby is a collaborative exhibition between San Antonio artists Powdered Wig Machine, Mauro de la Tierra, and Loot Achris! The exhibition documents the darkly comical tale of a monstrous child (ok, ok, he’s a 4′ handmade Doll!) named Toby through photos, portraits, and video. Toby spent the past 52 weeks being passed from creative to creative representing cities across Texas, including San Antonio, San Marcos, and Austin, with a pit stop in New Orleans, LA.

Powdered Wig Machine chronicled Toby’s journey with forty-five “foster parents” that included visual artists, designers, photographers, musicians, actors, writers, educators, comedians, and fashion community members via weekly posts on Instagram. The exhibition highlights the best moments of Toby’s adventures alongside new Toby-inspired artworks. The project gives us a rare inside glimpse into each artist’s life, mind, sense of humor, and creative process during what will hopefully be the decline of a global pandemic in the years 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Participating artists include: Abby Billingsley, Alicia Coatl, Amanda Gordon, Ana Laura Hernandez, Andie Flores, Anthony Rundblade, Attic Ted, Bekah Porter, Blaise The Seeker, Caroline Gonzales, Charlemagne Scarlett, Chris Sauter, Cristina Mauri, Connie Chapa, Edward Harris, Fernando Lopez, Glory West, Hannah Purvis, Jasmine McMasters, Jojodancer Photos, Joshua Anthony Rodriguez, Lana Guerra, Laura Galore, Lewsr, Loot Achris, Louie Chavez, Madeleine Adler, Mauro de la Tierra, Megznglitter, Michelle Delgado, Nicole Geary, Paradox Rei, Pinkie, Powdered Wig Machine, Rachael Oelsen, Raeann Alcorta, Rigo Ortiz, Sabrina Alfaro, Sarah Fox, Sonya Marie Sky, Tim Olsen, Tink Castillo, Ursula Zavala, Walden Booker, and Wildhoneypot!


Formed in 2018, Powered Wig Machine is a San Antonio/San Marcos-based web series from the mind of Brandon Pittman. Absurd yet genuine interviews and interactions where a band of people with similar interests, occupations, and hobbies enter the subconscious of its host.

Loot Achris is a visual artist whose work touches on themes of childhood trauma, the absurd, and the societal outcast. Working across multiple mediums, she explores otherness through her portraits of made-up characters representing the odd nature of humankind.

Mauro de la Tierra is a self-taught painter, sculptor, and illustrator working in spray paint, acrylic, and oil. His work addresses economic and social challenges and generational struggles with consideration and compassionate love for humanity.

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